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Selling All My DBSK Collection + Free Gifts


This huge lot is for my years worth of DBSK memorabilia. Everything is used, but all of the CDs and DVDs are still in like new condition. None of the CDs or DVDs are damaged, scratched, or broken. Some of the cases just have a little discoloration or wear and tare from being packed away but that's about it, and only the outside of the Mirotic plastic 3D-ish looking case has a tare in the bottom of it. The actual CD case is fine and the photo book is A1. A lot of it was only removed once or twice from the packing to rip to the computer or try out in my new DVD player.

Let's discuss the condition of the free posters. They are all used as I used to have them hanging on my walls a few years back before I packed them away so hey have a few tares in the corners from tack holes. But as you can see in the pictures all of the images are in quality shape. They have been in rolled in a poster tube for a few years so you're going to need to hang them up to get them straight or put them in a picture frame. The JYJ poster has a few dents at the bottom because I don't have a tube big enough to fit that one in completely - that poster is huge! But all of these are free, I just want to get them off my hands with the rest of the DBSK things. I think someone else will enjoy them more than me these days. If you would like to see more pictures of certain items or you have any questions about some items or anything for that matter, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Here is a detailed list of what you'll be receiving in this huge collection package:

1 All About DBSK/Tohoshinki Season 2 Box Set with 5 photo card inserts (1 member in each DVD case)

1 All About DBSK/Tohoshinki Season 3 with 60p photo book

1 JYJ The Beginning CD with 36p photo book

1 SM Entertainment Type B 2007 (Rare & Hard To Find) set of 6 DBSK High Gloss photos

1 Mirotic The 4th Album with 60p (I Think) Photo Book (I forget which version this is)

1 'O' The Third Album 2 Disc CD/DVD Set (Comes with everything originally packaged with it)

1 'O' The Third Album (Original Edition) 2 Disc CD/DVD & Folded Poster (Also rare as it is out of print)

1 Tohoshinki 3rd Live Tour 2008 ~T~ W/ 2 Disc DVD set and complete with 2 pamphlets (One has pictures of all members and a few other candid shots)

2 TVXQ 3rd Album (Version D) W/ 2 disc CD/DVD Box Set and complete with 30 card set in original case. All in near mint condition (Good to give one to a friend so you both can play with the 30 card sets ^_^)

1 Tohoshinki Beautiful You CD (Sealed - Never Opened)

1 DBSK Vacation OST CD (Sealed - Never Opened)

1 DBSK High Gloss Photo Set of 6 and a bonus little JaeJoong photo/card


12 DBSK High Gloss Posters
1 "I Love TVXQ" Red Arm Wristband/Bracelet
1 DBSK Gift Bag (A little bent but still in great condition)
1 DBSK Key Chain
1 JaeJoong "Hero" Phone Strap/Phone Charm
2 Custom Charms made by me (View my other miniature listings to see what I make)

~~Custom Charms~~

I'm a miniaturists starting my own business which is why I am selling all of my DBSK memorabilia. I usually make 1:12 scale or 1:8 miniatures for collectors, adults, teens, and doll houses. It's mostly miniature food. You can view my listings to see what I mean. You can tell me what kind of two charms you would like and how you would like them and I'll do my best to make them for you. I'll add eye pins/head pins to both so that you can add them to whatever you'd like. You can add charms to charm bracelets, you can make necklaces with them, earrings, or rings. They how your creativity and uniqueness because I guarantee no one else around you will be wearing anything similar!

All of this comes in this huge listing. I hope someone will be willing to take all of this off my hands and give it a good home. Payment is due within 1-2 business days of ended listing and your package will be shipped within 1-2 business days of cleared payment. No refunds or returns for this. Sold as is, happy bidding!!
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